Welcome to The Washington Vine! This blog will focus solely on wines from around the state of Washington (USA… we are located north of Oregon; no, this is not WA D.C., just to clarify. If you live in this state, especially the Eastern side, you’ll know why I added this). The state of Washington is the second largest exporter of American wine, behind California naturally. Yet, I find so many are completely unaware Washington makes wine, and we do make some really wonderful ones! While there are a few local bloggers who discuss Washington wines, they are few, and the ones I know focus primarily on Spokane. Not a bad thing, we have some great wineries (Caterina, Lone Canary, Emvy, Cougar Crest, to name a few!), but I want to cover wine throughout the region.

I’m a graduate student, married and have two kids. The vast majority of wines I write about will be under $20; so no wine snobs, please :) There are some really great wines in this price range though, most anyone can attest to that.

I will be here twice a week to bring you my reviews, good, bad or indifferent. I carry a strong preference to reds, but will throw in whites now and again. I am always open to suggestions for wines to try! I hope you will enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it! And I hope I will hear of your experiences with different wines as I share my own!

Follow me on twitter: @JennHeinecke. If you are a member of Pinterest, check out my board The Washington Vine! I have several here that I have listed, and I will continue to add brief notes to go along with my blog! Happy Viewing, Happy Drinking!


7 responses to “About

  1. Great idea! Having moved from Germany to Michigan, I am always looking for good wines from the US.

  2. Let me know what type of wines you like (red, white? varietals?) and I’ll recommend some that I think are worth trying! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi there.

    I think your blog, The Washington Wine, is a fantastic example of what we are looking for – it is helpful, specific, informative, and well written, with great imagery.

    We also feel it would be a fantastic addition to our recently added Wine Walker and our other Alcohol related WalkThru’s.

    So with that I would love to invite you to visit our community, and to ask you if you would like us to list your blog under WalkedThru Wine (Washington State) perhaps?

    Feel free to contact me directly.


    Luke ‘SkyWalker’ Connelly

  4. Luke- I think your site is great! And I am very honored you would ask me to join! I have emailed you some information about myself and the blog. I hope to hear from you soon!

  5. Welcome to our WalkedThru community. Looking forward to reading your blog posts. Salud!
    PS I love Washington State wines!

  6. Great to see so much love for Washington wines! If you’re down in the Yakima Valley and want to get adventurous, try out our “whitewater and wine” tour–the perfect September getaway!

  7. I opened a Radius 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon tonight and absolutely was shocked. This is no Cab! It is so sweet it challenges a dessert wine. I really, really tried to drink it but had to dump the bottle. You would have to be a moscato fan to get this crap down. Shame on me if I ever try anything else from this winery.

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