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A Graduate Always Gets a Rosé

Have you ever had that moment when “save” your writing, be it for class, research, a corporate presentation, etc., only to find you didn’t save it properly?  Or, it happens to be just hours before you need to submit your paper/proposal/blog, etc.?  Yep.  This is where I am, right now.  Now, not to say me losing an entire blog post on wine is at all akin to losing a 20 page research paper, or a business proposal, or any other high-stakes piece.  It is, however, frustrating none the less.  Although my current situation is far, SO FAR, less frustrating than my 3am papers I was needing to submit, once upon a time.

Welcome back! Whether I mean to you or myself, is up to you.  It has been two years since my last blog post. TWO YEARS! And this silly site is still running and continues to still rake in new viewers!  So about my absence:  I’ve been a career graduate student for the last three years.  Raising two amazing kiddos with my incredibly supportive husband. Working a variety of part-time jobs on the side.  I’ve kept a few extraordinary friends who understood and accepted my (at times) complete lack of contact, yet lost touch with many I thought I would know until the day we die.  That’s grad school for you, however.  Three-to-four hours of sleep.  Grading papers. Creating presentations.  Regrading papers.  Research. Coffee.  Wine and more research.  Sleep?  Well, where you can (including ten minutes breaks between classes).  But, the husband that stays up with you through the wee hours of the morning; the friend that meets you at the drop of a hat, OR puts up with your seemingly endless, “I’m too tired” and STILL loves you and hangs on through the ride; the family who hopes to put on a dinner for you once or twice a month, in hopes you can finally “relax” for a night.  These are the amazing people who have helped to keep me afloat for the last five years.

Oh wait! You don’t care about all that (or perhaps you do).  Really, this blog is about wine. Not about my “poor me” attitude over graduate school.  Really, I’d never change a thing. I was born and bred of hard work.  My days off, I find something to work on.  My husband and I, we are industrious people by nature.  I have found a job I love and look forward too (most days).  I graduated this past June and I landed a job.  No, there is nothing I have to complain about.

I contemplated writing again upon graduation. Then Edward of Patit Creek Cellars, and a close friend of mine, mentioned he’d “love” my thoughts on their rosé wine.  I have written on a few of their wines in the past (here), so I agreed.  This was back in May…  Oops!  But then Sonya approached me, and she runs the wine tasting rooms (all three) and the marketing and the events and the…  You get it. Like Edward, she is a close friend of mine.  She asked me again to write, I again agreed.  But she set a date!  This was Friday and she requested Saturday, so here were are.  She came with a bottle of the rosé, cheese, and a camera (the audacity! But more on that later).  So, what are my thoughts on the 2014 Rosé of Syrah?  Well, let’s find out!

The color of this rosé is a light cranberry red.  The nose is light, yet bright with a crisp cherry cola, beckoning you to take the first sip.  The first sip brightens the palate with the crisp cherry cola, following into a creamy mouthfeel with tart, garden-ripened strawberries.  The finish is surprisingly long for a rosé, with a near-effervescent feelIMG_7907, as the light acidity plays on the tongue.  Tart, light, and crisp, I  highly recommend this wine, whether for your afternoon poolside escape, or for a more secluded evening with friends.  This rosé, made up of 100% Syrah grapes, is sure to please!

Patit Creek Cellars 2014 Rosé of Syrah:  ★★★★☆   (great wine)

Patit Creek Cellars has three locations in the state of Washington: Walla Walla, Woodinville, and Spokane.  You are not likely to find this wine in any store, so I encourage you to visit your local wine room or visit them at  This little gem will set you back no more than $19 from the winery.

Winemakers Notes:  Our 2014 Walla Walla Rosé of Syrah expresses bold rhurbarb-strawberry flavors.  Made from saigneed (French for “bleed”) juice drained from our fermentation tank.  On the palate, the creamy texture and bright acidity make this a great sipping wine.  The flavors expand into citrus blossom, cherry cola, and bubble gum.

Disclaimer:  I am a volunteer of Patit Creek Cellars, meaning I do not get paid, except for in wine (hard life, I know). Sonya did provide this bottle of wine for free for this review, yet my opinions are still my own. That’s the great thing about friendship, I can be honest!  


A Tertulia in Waiting

What do you mean you’re gonna write a blog? It’s been like, what, a year?
The kind words of my husband, no doubt. He’s asking me this as I’m sitting here in support of his never-ending project called a “69 Charger.”
It has been sooo long since my last post (September 19, to be exact), in which I promised a review on a Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s 91* today in Spokane. It’s Rosé or nothing at all. And the latter is sure not going to happen.
However, my husband’s quip did have merit. And since my last post, I have enjoyed many a wine. Disliked just as many. Yet, it’s been so long since I’ve truly evaluated one. How is the color? What aromas waft from the glass? What is it that excites (or disgruntles) the palette? And for the few times I jotted down notes, the idea of sitting down and staring at my computer for one more moment made me cringe.
in case you’re not familiar with the blog, I’m a graduate student entering the third year of my program. I’m also a wife and have two young children now in school themselves. Blog, meet back burner. Or perhaps, more accurately, let’s just set you on the trivet for the time being.. It’s a pity, really, as I do greatly enjoy this hobby.
Blah, blah, blah! Wine!
It’s summer time, and I love rosé! And I love the fact that this beautiful, light, summer refresher is “cool” again. Though myself and numerous other wine enthusiasts have made attempts to reaffirm this wine as a “legit” choice, I know sadly, Brad Pitt’s front cover appearance on Wine Spectator with rosé in hand likely did more for this wine than anything else. I wrote on several last summer: Jones of Washington, Locati Cellars, Patit Creek, to name a few. I find I have a personal bias toward the dry French style in a rosé. If dry is not your personal style, take that into account for any rosé review I submit.

Tertulia Cellars is a small winery located in Washington State’s own wine country: Walla Walla. Their site discusses the meaning behind the name (Tertulia meaning “a social gathering of friends”). I was drawn to this particular wine because of the beauty in its label. A sense of friendship, a connection among the peoples of the world. Love wine? Let’s be friends! If only…

This particular Rosé is a blend of 49% Mourvèdre, 26% Grenache, and 25% Syrah. The color is that of an almost-ripe strawberry, or of a fresh salmon pink. The first whiff of this rosé is ripe and bright. Aromas of anise and tart strawberries awaken the nose. First sips are tart and bright. The acidity, though noticeable, is not overwhelming, and it flows into a tinge of buttery, but definite rhubarb flavors. A cleanfing, refreshing finish with tart citrus brings you full circle with this wine. While at times I found the acidity to be a bit high, overall, I believe this to be a nice Rosé. I found it locally at a large retailer for $11. It appears Tertulia Cellars is preparing to release the 2013 vintage for $16 ( Once again, slightly behind the curve :)

Tertulia Cellars 2012 Rosé: 3.5/5 stars (good wine)

How did I enjoy this Rosé? In my backyard on a 91* day with snacks such as watermelon, chips and homemade guacamole.