Charles & Charles Rosé for Independence Day

Happy and blessed Fourth of July, everyone!  Today is the day, as we all know (in the United States, anyway), that the United States of America boldly proclaimed independence from Great Britain.  While initially accepted on this day, July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was not signed for almost a month, and it took several weeks following that before His Majesty, King George III, received the declaration.  Little bit of trivia for you today :)  I am a patriotic one, that is for certain. I love to talk with my kids how the U.S.A. was founded, I love to honor what was so bravely fought for over 200 hundred years ago, and I love to continue to honor that bravery and sacrifice that the men and women of our military put forth for us everyday.  God bless the U.S.A.

I celebrate our nation’s independence day by doing what I’m allowed to do everyday – mow the yard.  Exciting, right?  But I’m able to do so, and I try to enjoy it.  But now that my yard is beautiful again, now that the pool is ready for the kiddos again, and now that I get to relax while I wait for dear hubby to get home to start up the barbecue, I now get to write on what I enjoy (almost) the most: a summer Rosé by Charles and Charles.  Hailing from the Columbia Valley AVA region of Washington state, this 2012 Rosé is a collaboration between two wineries (owned by Charles Bieler and Charles Smith) and is composed of 81% Syrah, 16% Mourvédre, 2% Cinsault, and 1% Grenache.  On the nose, this Rosé opens with bright floral notes, fresh strawberry, and a hint of cherry.  The palate is both cleansing and refreshing with the floral, light mineral, and strawberries.  The finish is tart with slight herbal tones.  This is a nice, dry Rosé without being overly acidic; crisp and refreshing for this warm Fourth of July holiday.  Wine Spectator gives this 2012 vintage a Best Value award and 90 points. Well done!

Charles & Charles 2012 Rosé

Charles & Charles 2012 Rosé

Charles and Charles 2012 Rosé:  ★★★1/2  (Very good wine)

Winemaker’s Notes: The aromas pop with wild strawberry, rose, cherry, subtle hibiscus and a touch of citrus, with underlying dried herb, crushed gravel and mineral tones.

If you are interested in checking out this wine, it appears to be fairly widely available throughout Spokane in various wine shops (hint, hint: not grocery stores), and often for around $10.  A nice price tag for this Rosé :)  You can also check out the website, which may aid you in purchasing this wine:  I noticed the “Boom Boom Syrah” is owned by Charles Smith (K Vintners) as well.  I had meant to review it about a month or so ago.  DO try that Syrah sometime.  Though I recall it being a bit lighter for a Syrah, I note that I did greatly enjoy it!

Cheers to you and have a wonderful Fourth of July holiday!!

Have you tried this wine before?  Please share your thoughts in the comments below!


2 responses to “Charles & Charles Rosé for Independence Day

  1. Big fan of Charles Smith wines here, thanks for reviewing!

  2. That sounds amazing and perfect for warm summer evenings. Adding it to my list.

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