El Corazon Viognier for a Summer Sizzler!

Welcome, July! And welcome to summer, my fellow wine enthusiasts!  With the heat well upon us here in the great inland northwest, the greatest thing one can do is escape any way they can.  I personally suggest a pool or lake and lots of H2O.  It is currently 100* here in my backyard, but I brave it to watch my two kiddos play in their little pool.  As refreshing as my ice water with lemon is, I figured I’d see how well some chilled white wine would do on this blistering hot day.  A little bit won’t hurt, so long as I keep hydrated properly and in the shade.

2012 V-Neck Viognier

2012 V-Neck Viognier

I brought up from the cellar a 2012 Viognier by El Corazon of the Walla Walla Valley.  Sitting in my backyard on this wonderful day, it was a refreshing choice!  I like the color of this viognier: a nice, light champagne yellow color.  The nose is bright and notes of apple and citrus blossom.  Thank heavens for ice buckets on a day like today to keep whites chilled!  The palate is crisp with lemongrass and lavender to soften out the palate; honey comes in on the bright finish, and a sigh of “ahhhhh…” Yes, this viognier is quite the choice for this hot summer day.  On a cooler day, I’d suggest a light pasta dish to pair with this wine.  However, I’m enjoying this with a nice fruit platter with watermelon, peaches, and strawberries.

El Corazon 2012 Viogner V-Neck:  ★★★★☆   great wine!

I grabbed this viognier from a local wine store in the Spokane Valley on some night that El Corazon just happened to be in for a tasting.  The bottle retails for $18.  But wouldn’t you know it, when I go to check out their site:, their website is down.  More so, checking their Facebook page (as recommended), it says they are sold out of wine as of just days ago.  If you are interested in their wine, I do recommend checking their Facebook page, as it seems they keep their fans updated regularly in regards to their wine.  Some releases are expected by August sometime.  A few of the local wine stores around Spokane (Vintage Vines, Williams Seafood Market) tend to carry El Corazon wines.  If you are not from the area, I would suggest giving them a call :)  If you are looking for a viognier wine and happen to come across this one, I do recommend picking it up!

Winemaker’s notes are not available at this time.

Have you tried this wine before? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!


One response to “El Corazon Viognier for a Summer Sizzler!

  1. It’s a fantastic wine!!! Perfect during these hot summer months. It can also be found at The Grape Choice in Kirkland, WA for those who are on the West Side of the mountains!!

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