Patit Creek Knockout Sister Wines: Trinité and the First Rosé

Right now I’m evaluating what I should be doing against what I’m actually doing.  But really, you can only spend so many hours locked in an office on a nice day before you have to just say, “Forget it!!” and find something else to do. At least for a while to clear your head.  Last night, I  opened up a bottle of Columbia Crest’s Amitage red blend; next to Maryhill’s Winemaker’s Red, it is my favorite anytime wine.  More than half that bottle is still waiting to be finished, and I dare not dump it. Thank goodness it is a three-day weekend since I decided the weather today called for a Rosé.  But first, and most importantly, it is Memorial Day weekend. And I know we are all immersed in “Thank a Vet/Soldier”, and that after a while, we become desensitized to this.  But given the world we live in today, isn’t our military the very first ones we should be thanking, daily?  This is a not a political talk, I don’t care which side you fall, this is not that type of blog.  In a life that at times seems so uncertain globally, remember those who have signed up to risk it all to assure us that we can sleep a little better at night.  Perhaps it is because I’ve lost too many friends in recents conflicts I feel this pride for our military a little stronger, or because most every man able in my family has served… I do pray you take a moment to sit back and thank those who have given it all to protect our towns, cities, and the nation.  I raise my glass and salute the bravest of Americans.  Thank you.

I know Memorial Day has also become the “Unofficial Kickoff” to summer.  Quite frankly, I think that day started roughly two weeks ago when Mother Nature blessed us with upper 80* temperatures.  Now we’re back to upper 60’s and overcast skies. The positive to this: I can enjoy red wine again! There is a point where it is just too hot to have a glass of red.  So for the celebratory weekend of BBQ’s, (hopefully) warm weather, and remembering why we are indeed, “Land of the Free”, I bring to you two wines from Patit Creek Cellars: 2010 Trinté and the 2012 Rosé, The Brooke.

The Trinité 2010 red blend is composed of 51% Syrah, 32% Grenache, and 17%

2010 Trinité by Patit Creek

2010 Trinité by Patit Creek

Mourvedré.  Sniffing this wine will give you a nice bouquet of tart berry fruit, game, and even some bitter dark chocolate.  The palate meets you with a light minerality followed by gamey earth and cherry notes.   The tannins on this wine are supple, yet smooth and bring you into a dusty chocolate finish.  While I initially purchased this wine, some girlfriends got hold of it before I had a chance to gather any notes on it.  After meeting with Sonya of Patit Creek to go over potential pairings for the upcoming Spokane wine room, she kindly sent me home with another sample of the Trinité for review.  We paired this wine up with some fine dark chocolate…Heaven!!!  A medium bodied wine, yet light enough to enjoy on a cool summer evening.  I do feel it would hold up nicely against a great grilled steak. If only our BBQ hadn’t caught fire last summer….

Patit Creek 2010 Trinité:  ★★★★★   (Excellent wine)

The wine can be purchased online ( or by visiting one of their rooms in Walla Walla, Woodinville, or soon, Spokane for about $28.  This would be my “Splurge of the Month” wine.

Winemaker notes: Deep aromatics of ripe pomegranate, black raspberry, kirsch, sandalwood and crushed gravel are warm and inviting.  On the palate, the flavors are rich black cherry and cedar.  The acidity is bright, the mouthfeel is firm and the tannins have a slight grip, but will soften with some air.  

The Brooke 2012 Rosé brings together the same Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre grapes as the Trinité (60%, 20%, and 20%, respectively), and has been referenced as it’s “Little Sister”.  This Rosé is also the first of it’s kind from Patit Creek Cellars.  “The Brooke” is so named after the lady who runs the tasting room in Woodinville, Brooke.  That is some pretty stellar employee recognition :)  The color of this is to be noted: bright cherry candy red.  The nose is light, with sweet strawberry and tangerine.  Palate: light oak cleansing with notes of tropical fruits, orange blossom, and a hint of citrus zest. Dry finish, but without the astringency I’ve become accustomed to with many dry rosés.  Not a complaint :)

2012 The Brooke Rosé

2012 The Brooke Rosé

Unlike other Rosé wines that I have stated “must remain chilled” to enjoy, this wine does open up well as it warms up. But as with any Rosé, don’t let it get too warm!  I purchased this wine from the winery for $18.  You can as well by contacting them or visiting one of their wine rooms.  Enjoy this wine with a light shrimp scampi or with a light snack, such as my favorite cheese and crackers or bread and hummus. Yum!  Be sure to be outside when doing so :)

Patit Creek 2012 “The Brooke” Rosé:  ★★★★1/2   (great wine)

Winemaker’s Notes: Ripe flavors of watermelon, sweet tangerine, and lychee align to balance the spicier flavors of this Rhone blend.

Across the board, what I have reviewed of Patit Creek – they consistently deliver high-quality wines.  For now, purchasing their wines will remain an occasional treat for myself.  Cheers!

Have you had either of these wines before? Please feel free to share you thoughts in the comments below!


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