You Asked For It: Thorny Rose Pinot Grigio

I’ve often thought that if it weren’t for the enticing label and the curiosity it inspires in so many (myself included), my blog would be far less than it is now.  There is a cool little tracker that keeps filed away for me all the search terms that have led one or another to my site.  “Thorny Rose” or “Thorny Rose Wine” are, for certain, the #1 search terms that bring people here to The Washington Vine.  I suppose for this fact alone, I ought to extend my gratitude to the lovely winemakers at Thorny Rose Wines.  I raise this glass to you!

In addition, I raise this glass to surviving my own version of “Hell Week.”  Though I’ve done my darndest to make the best of things, to turn those crap moments into something great – sometimes it worked! Such as getting a call from my son’s school for being “sick.” I have no idea what their idea of sick is, but clearly we are not on the same page.  I skip classes to get him: bad.  Enjoyed an early summer day with a very healthy boy and started on my tan: good!  But overall…. this week has just been… “is it over yet???” stemming from Tuesday.  My countdown to successfully completing my first year of graduate school is started!  Just one more year and then internship.  Summer vacation has never sounded so sweet!

Tonight’s selection is a 2011 Pinot Grigio from Columbia Valley’s own Thorny Rose Wines.  If you have been here before, you’ll recall I have written on Thorny Rose Red Blend and the Cabernet Sauvignon with some nice reviews of both.  If you haven’t seen it, check the reviews out and let me know your own thoughts :)  I like Pinot Grigio because it can go two ways: crisp and bright like a Sauvignon Blanc, or creamy like that of a Chardonnay.  On the nose, this Pinot Grigio opens up with a beautiful fruity bouquet of crisp grapefruit, lemon zest, and just a note of citrus blossom.  These aromas flow into the palate where you encounter a light mineral feel, citrus and honeydew melon – the latter giving this Pinot Grigio a more creamy mouthfeel.  Hints of rich pineapple juice round out the finish.  The low acidity blends well with the rich creaminess of this wine.  On the spectrum: Crisp and bright to creamy/buttery: Thorny Rose falls closer to creamy than crisp, but is balanced well.

2011 Pinot Grigio by Thorny Rose Wines

2011 Pinot Grigio by Thorny Rose Wines

Thorny Rose 2011 Pinot Grigio:  ★★★1/2    (good/great wine)

The only thing that stops me from giving this 4-stars is that as it sits in the glass – admittedly becoming a bit warm –  the acidity content comes up, too much (5-stars, for me, is an exceptional wine).  This, and I prefer the “crisp and bright” over creamy.  If “creamy” whites are your preference – mild creamy in this one – pick this up! Thorny Rose wines are quite widely available, and retail for $10-$12.  In fact, their site ( offers a “wine locator” that will tell you where you can find their wines based on zip code and your varietal of choice!  With a nice arugula or other summer green salad, this will pair nicely.  Fish, of course, is often a lover of the white wine – here is one for you!  Should you choose to try this out for yourself, please come back and share your experience with other readers!

Winemakers Notes:  Melt-in-your-mouth melon and luscious lemon. Tropical pineapple and orchard pear meant to share.

Quirky notes.  Tattoo-worthy labels.  Thorny Rose Wines know how to put out consistently nice wines with a hell of a price point!  Yes… like you, I purchase my own wines, this Pinot Grigio included :)

Have you tried this wine before? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!  Cheers!


2 responses to “You Asked For It: Thorny Rose Pinot Grigio

  1. Had it last night as a gift at our B&B. We thought it was lovely.

    • Have you had any of their red wines? I greatly enjoy the Cabernet and think well of the red blend as well. Thanks for stopping by a leaving your thoughts! Always appreciated :) Cheers!

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