A Viognier from WA. No, Oregon… or the Desert

Good evening, my fellow wine enthusiasts!  It’s a very windy Wednesday here in Spokane. The temperatures have dropped.  Many of us are wondering where our spring weather went.  The rest, well we all just say, “This is April in Spokane.”  It is beautiful nonetheless when the sun pokes through and the temperature immediately jumps up ten degrees.  I gave our yard its first mow of the year and sat out on the small patio we put together last weekend and just relished a glorious afternoon.  Our maples are beginning to sprout new leaves. Soon I’ll be enjoying the front patio, glass in hand, enclosed by a beautiful canopy of green.  But until that time… its now wind, rain, wind, and homework.  Lots of homework.  I toast my husband for putting up with all I dish out, including the torture of an IQ assessment.  You’re the best, babe!  Now he’s hard at work preparing dinner.  I really did catch a great one :)

In the meantime, I am sipping on a 2010 Viognier from Desert Wind winery.  I liked the label.  Columbia Valley is a great AVA; the Wahluke slope is a favorite of mine, up there with Horse Heaven Hills.  It was only after purchase, when I cracked it open that I realized Desert Wind is a winery located in Oregon, just across the Columbia River. The grapes, however, do come from Washington, so I decided to continue with the review.

Desert Wind 2010 Viognier

Desert Wind 2010 Viognier

On the nose, this Viognier presents with peaches and apricot.  I wrote “fleshy stone fruit” originally. It’s true.  Peaches and apricot I think is a more specific description, followed up with hints of vanilla.  The palate explodes with peaches, lemon zest, honeysuckle and spices.  I would easily sum up this wine as “spiced peaches” and feel I have captured the essence of this Viognier.  The wine is low on acidity, and I feel this encourages a silky mouthfeel.  As it opens up, notes of oak mix with the spiced finish.  Not a bright, citrusy white like I am used to reporting on, nor is it terribly dry as most Viogniers I know can be.  This is a decent wine and accompanied this odd, spring day nicely.

I look forward to the day when I can once again include recipe pairings with my reviews.  Until graduate school is complete, I fear those moments will continue to  flee from me.  My leftover Thai chicken curry however, was wonderful with this Desert Wind Viognier.

Desert Wind 2010 Viognier: ★★★ good wine

I picked this up at a nearby retailer for around $14.  Checking online, the 2011 retails for around $15.  The 2010 was a nice wine.  Silky, slightly sweet, yet a bit mellow for my liking.  If you are looking to explore the Viognier or get into the dryer whites, this wine may be a nice place to start.  Until next time, drink well!  Cheers!

Have you tried this wine before?  Please share your experiences in the comments below!


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