Special Request for April: Tor Di Vento Barolo

Good morning, my fellow wine enthusiasts!  April has rolled in and brought with it warmer temperatures and sunny skies to the Spokane area.  I cannot say as I’ve complained one bit about it, beyond having started back to class this week, keeping me out of the sunshine.  Rosé and whites will likely rule the next few months.  In fact, I’ve picked up a few whites that I greatly look forward to sharing with you.  I’ll keep an eye out on the rosés.  I picked up a favorite for Easter dinner, sadly 2012 is no 2011.  I’ll try back again later.  But now the rain clouds have moved back in, and with that a good book and some red wine sound like a wonderful Thursday to me!  So you go on ahead with that fantastic plan, I have classes to attend instead.

Hopefully not the be the last, but this is the last of this shipment of Italian wines I was given for review.  Previously I wrote on a Montepuliciano and the Toscana Belcaro.  Both were decent wines.  Apparently my internal wine senses allowed me to keep the Barolo for last.  Save the best for last…?

Barolo. Courtesy of

Barolo. Courtesy of

Sent to me to bring to you is this 2008 Tor Di Vento Barolo.  The Barolo is a nice, dry red varietal from Italy.  The color is a deep, dark brick red.  And this Barolo presents a dusty leather nose right away. As it opens up, spices and oak begin to emerge from the glass.  The palate is no less complex with ripe cherry making way to rose petals.  If you let this open up all way (bust out the aerator if needed!), you will find a delicious burst of dark chocolate before the spices and oak take over into a lingering finish.  The tannins are “just right”, firm, but not overpowering, and not too soft that you miss them altogether.

Pairing tips: I would love to enjoy this with a hearty pasta, a lasagna.  I had neither at the time (welcome back to graduate life!).  I did however, have chocolate, thanks to the Easter bunny.  And when I discovered that fantastic little burst of chocolate on the palate, the light bulb in my head went off.  A wonderful pairing it was!  This little Barolo will set you back about $20 from Wine Chateau, and you can order it from their site  My take on this wine:

2008 Tor Di Vento Barolo D.O.C.G.:  ★★★★1/2 (excellent wine)

I do plan to hop onto the site and order a few bottles myself.  Truly I did “save the best for last.”  Now to grab the last of my things and jet off to class before I am

Tor Di Vento Barolo 2008

Tor Di Vento Barolo 2008

late!  Cheers!!

Have you tried this wine before?  Please share your thoughts in the comments below!


6 responses to “Special Request for April: Tor Di Vento Barolo

  1. That is a ridiculously good deal for anything that says “Barolo” on the label. Thanks for the find, definitely one to look up.

  2. You can’t go wrong in my book for the most part. I generally prefer the lower acidity wines and think of Dolcetto and Barbera as opposite ends of that spectrum. Nice thing about Nebbiolo is it appears under some really exquisite labels (Barolos) and also is sold as Nebbiolo or Barbaresco where it’s grown outside the region where you can legally call it Barolo, so you can enjoy it for considerably less than the avg Barolo is going to run you. Ah the quirks of Italian labeling conventions.

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