Bridgepress Rosé to Welcome Spring

Happy Tuesday, my fellow wine enthusiasts!! Here is Spokane, WA, it’s a beautiful spring day! Bright blue sky, mild breeze, sunshine, and nearing 55*!! I’m coming on week two of my spring break. And the time off has blessed me, indeed! No fancy trips, no crazy memories made in some far away tropical island, just me and my family at home, painting, cleaning the yard, playing. Lots of playing. It’s been nice to catch up. A gorgeous day like today begs for a rosé wine, or a crisp white wine. Take your pick! Either will compliment today beautifully. As for myself, I haven’t yet decided what to open. So while I contemplate this most serious of questions, I’ll write up on a rosé I recently enjoyed!

Bridgepress cellars is a small winery here in Spokane, operating alongside Emvy. Sound familiar? I have reviewed them each once before: a red blend by Bridgepress, and a Chenin Blanc by Emvy. Like Bridgepress’ red blend, their rosé is non-vintage. As I conjured up a cool spring evening in my head the other night, I uncorked this little gem.

On the nose, this rosé greets you with bright floral notes, a tinge of citrus and strawberries follow. The brightness of the nose is accompanied by a rich, buttery palate. Floral notes and strawberries lighten up the rosé, making for a well-rounded experience. I had summed up the wine as such: buttery like a Chardonnay with the brightness of a Pinot Gris.20130326-144706.jpg

Bridgepress Rosé NV: ★★★☆☆ (good wine).

Bridgepress Rosé hails from the Columbia Valley and is a blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. I generally prefer a more crisp rosé, but I enjoyed this nonetheless.  For an average price of $16, this rosé can be found at select local shops or at Marketplace Wine Bar on 2nd avenue in downtown Spokane. Ordering online is uncertain, but you could always give them a call!

Have you tried this wine before? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!


2 responses to “Bridgepress Rosé to Welcome Spring

  1. Let’s hope for more early Spring!

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