Patit Creek “Roux” Red Blend: Not for the Holidays

No. This wine should be reserved for a special date, an intimate celebratory dinner, or for some other moment where “just any red wine won’t do.”  This is for the moment when you decide a “wine splurge” is in order.  I hear a lot of discussion around keeping “the good stuff” for Christmas day, or Thanksgiving, or some other big get together.  I ask, Why?  Not to say I bust out cheap and so-so wine around the holidays.  I certainly can’t do so now, not with my blog and pride in knowing at least a little about good wine.  I do get especially picky about what to serve at the Christmas table, but I keep the price in mind.  However, if you are looking for a last-minute pick, try a few of these keepers that are well-priced and will certainly please the palate: Mercer Estates Riesling or Milbrandt Pinot Gris.  Maryhill Winery (whom I will review later) has an excellent range of wines, red or white, and often stay below the $20 mark.  However, at least in my family, wine is often uncorked early, and flows pretty freely until later at night.  While comments of “ooh, I like this!” Or, “eh, not so much” may be made often, no one is taking the time to really appreciate the aromas, or taking the time to delve into the many elements that make up the palate.  For these very reasons, I do not pull out “the good stuff” for such occasions.  Anniversaries, my sister flying up after months not seeing her, or wanting to celebrate my successful first quarter of graduate school with my husband – these are moments that call for something greater.

IMG_2519I was blessed to receive an insider peek at a new red blend Patit Creek Cellars has composed (Thank you, again!).  Labeled “Roux”, this 2010 red blend has combined Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot, and Malbec, into a traditional French bordeaux blend, and is so named for the wine’s deep garnet color (if the name “Patit Creek” seems familiar to you, I did review their Tempranillo earlier over the summer).  Because this graduate student/mom/wife budgets tightly as so many others do, I wanted to be sure that I had a good reason to crack open this bottle.  With the hectic Christmas season upon us and ever fasting approaching, celebrating a solid start with school, two healthy kids, a beautifully crazy marriage, and blessings abounding from our Lord… I found plenty of reasons to open up the Roux blend.  Cheap dinner served, “It’s a Wonderful Life” ready to go, now let the wine pour…

As I stated already, the color of the Patit Creek Roux blend is a deep garnet color.   On the nose, a pleasant bouquet of vanilla, spice, and bakers chocolate welcomes you.  It is a bit tight right out of the bottle, so I suggest giving it a bit of extra time to breathe.  The first sips bring you woody textures and flavors of spice, with smooth tannins and a lingering finish of dark chocolate.  The body  is what I’d describe as a “Fuller-Medium” – more round than others, though not quite full-bodied. As the wine is given more time to open up, I detected stronger notes of vanilla and cherry.  My husband described the aroma as “chocolate covered cherries.”  As we got further into the bottle, the notes of vanilla and cherry did become stronger, and blended beautifully with the spice.  The Patit Creek Roux is a smooth, very complex, beautifully balanced wine.  It is rare that I’ve had a wine that I would describe as being a “sipping wine,” one that you must enjoy, and take your time with.  The Roux certainly is that wine. I urge you would not crack this open for just any week night dinner or study companion.  Enjoy this wine, love this wine, and appreciate all it has to offer you.

Patit Creek 2010 Roux (red blend): ★★★★★      (5/5, Exceptional Wine)

As I checked just earlier today, the Roux blend is not yet available online for

2010 Roux

2010 Roux

purchase, but retails around $30.  Patit Creek Cellars is located in Walla Walla, Washington, and has another tasting room in Woodinville, Washington.  However, you may still contact them at, if you would like to inquire the purchase of this wine.  I have had the pleasure of meeting a few who call Patit Creek Cellars “home”, and they are truly kind people.  If you happen to live in the Spokane area, be pleased to know we will soon see a new tasting room in town, hopefully sometime in the Spring of 2013!  I shan’t divulge too much, but the wine room from Patit Creek is something to be excited for, and will really be a  beautiful addition to our not-so-quaint (anymore) little town :)  Oh, and for my disclaimer: Yes, I did purchase the wine. No, it was not freely given to me.

Winemakers notes: The 2010 Roux is a blend of classic Bordeaux varietals. Cabernet is in the forefront with rich blackberry and cassis fruit. A supporting cast of tart bing cherry, forest floor notes, and violets fill out the flavor profile. If ever a wine’s color indicated exactly what would come from the glass,it is this wine. Sound structure, bright acidity, and vibrant fruit character suggest a wonderful aging potential of 5-8 years or beyond.

The last statement for aging I certainly agree with!

Merry Christmas to you and your family! And may you be blessed in the coming New Year!

Have you tried this wine before? Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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