A Thorny Rose is Earthy and Spice, “…and Everything Nice”

I’ve been noticing on my Facebook page lately several of my friends quietly begrudging the end of summer.  As August is slowly turning to September and nights are beginning to call for sweaters, we must begin to bid “Adieu” to the glorious warm days of summer.  It’s almost time to replace our popsicles with pumpkins, our sun block for scarves.  Trips to lake will soon be trips to hay rides and pumpkin patches.  I welcome the beginning of fall every year with open arms. I love the time of harvest.  I love boots and sweaters.  I love the colors as the leaves change.  For me, the Earth is never as beautiful as it is when our glorious Northwest changes seasons.

Tonight is a chilly night, not enough to send me indoors, but enough that a companion in the color of red would be required to help stave off the goosebumps.  I had really wanted a Merlot, that sounded wonderful tonight.  While I have a few to choose from, I feared my husbands disappointment for tapping into perhaps his favorite red while he is still slaving away at work, doing what needs done to keep my habit afloat.  Next time.  It has been some time since I wrote on a Merlot.  So, instead I grabbed a bottle I picked up a few weeks ago for the sole purpose of this blog. A label I’ve never heard of before (but with over 730 wineries in the state, that is not a surprise).  Another Cabernet Sauvignon from the Columbia Valley: Thorny Rose.

I know absolutely nothing about Thorny Rose.  I usually try to look up a history before I sit down to write up my review, but tonight I’m not able to do so.  Perhaps a newer winery?  Perhaps their website is just not yet fully developed.  Whatever it is, I find them a bit mysterious.  Much like their wine label for this 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon: dark, seductive, almost sexy in a way.  If this is the image Thorny Rose is after, it is working.  I try to not judge a wine by its label, but this one definitely caught my eye.  Sometimes I think I turn into a man when I see wine, “Did it hurt when you fell? From Heaven?”

Shroud in a cloak of darkness, the deep purple color is just like that of the label. The wine opens up with aromas of dark berries and strawberries.  Flavors of soft cherries and blackberries seduce the palate; a mysterious wine suddenly softens with earthy spices and cocoa on a lingering finish. The tannins soften with time in this medium-bodied wine.

Thorny Rose Cabernet Sauvignon

Thorny Rose 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon:  ★★★★☆ great wine!

Just as wonderful as this wine was the price tag.  I picked it up (on sale) for just under $9.  I believe the original price was around $13, so perhaps an introductory price point.  It will most definitely be worth the higher price, most assuredly a steal when I picked it up!  As of the time of this post, online ordering is not an option, though I suspect it will be in the future.  So far I have seen this wine at several different grocery stores, I imagine you can find it fairly easily.

My husband just got home.  “I don’t like it” was his verdict.  Ah, to each their own.  For every palate there is a wine, and for every wine there is a palate….

Have you tried this wine before?  Please leave your thoughts in the comments below!


12 responses to “A Thorny Rose is Earthy and Spice, “…and Everything Nice”

  1. Thanks to you and your post I was able to make a quick decision at the store — and enjoyed it! Thank you. Now at this price point, I may end up buying a case and trying the red blend and the white.

  2. A friend brought me a bottle last night. She apologized immeduately, saying she got it for $9.99, and has no idea if its good. I loved the label. We opened it, i inhaled its intoxicating aroma of blackberries, strawberries dark cherries. Then we tasted it. I LOVED it! I will now look for anything they make and try them all. By the way. I shared some with 2 other friends and they both text me today to get the name of it, they want to go out and find it!

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  4. Just tried it for the first time last night and finished the bottle this evening. I thought it was excellent for the price point, under $10, and the sea salt dark chocolate I paired it with, really set it off. I’ve grown to love several Washington State wines, and will certainly purchase this again

    • thewashingtonvine

      Where are you from? WA state has much to love when it comes to wine, and I hope you will continue to try various labels!

  5. We bought a bottle (7.99 wine of the month deal) a few days ago and sampled last night. Conclusions, a very nice blend at a great price point. Question: what grapes? Syrah, merlot,cab, cab frac. Thorny Rose’s we page offers little hints. We bought 3 more bottles today, so it’s not plonk in our opinion. Use a Vinturi to get it to open up a bit quicker. I want to know the label story, check out the images and see where it takes you.

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