Jones of Washington Rosé of Syrah

With scorching heat and long summer days that often call for a BBQ (if you are so blessed to enjoy this), sometimes red wine is not the answer. Yes, despite my favorite funny card (“Some days there comes a time when no matter what the question was, the answer is [red] wine”), red wine is not always the answer. Reds are bold, full, and often heavy. On a hot, HOT summer day, who wants heavy? It’s why so many of us reach for an ice-cold beer: something light(er), refreshing, crisp. It is hard to say no to a beer when it’s 100 degrees out. Although, for health purposes, I highly suggest you stay with water if you find yourself in such heat. I know, easier said than done.

Luckily for Spokane, and for the rest of eastern Washington, it was not that hot out. I think we reached roughly 85, yet it felt far warmer than that. As well, and again, lucky for me, I was able to spend the afternoon perusing downtown with my mom and the kiddos. Spokane’s market for local fruits and veggies, gelato from a fabulous local bakery, and Riverfront’s famous carousel all made for a near-perfect afternoon. Tonight I am grilling up some jerk chicken and still deciding on what to drink with it. While the barbecue heats up, I thought I’d write up my latest review.

I was first attracted to the Jones of Washington Rosé of Syrah (2011) from the Columbia Valley because of the label: a quick sketch drawing of a rooster and a tractor. Not some super elegant label; rather just simple, as if saying “we produced this wine because it is fun to do.” The rosé surprised me when I made my first pour: a very pink rosé, like the color of a watermelon Jolly Rancher candy. I liked it, though, as I felt it was a perfect touch for the picnic I had prepared for the family in the backyard. On the nose I did not pick up much, a little dry, perhaps a bit peppery. Maybe I just can’t detect aromas on a rosé well, but it’s not the first time I’ve not received much. I let it breathe for a bit, enjoyed some of the summer fruits I’d picked up, made myself a small finger-food type sandwich. I finally took my first sip after waiting a bit, hoping more flavors would open up…berries? On the palate, this wine is very strawberry-forward. Sweet cherries follow with some light pepper. The finish is crisp and slightly dry with a touch of sweetness, but with a low acidity content, it creates a nice balance.

My overall rating for Jones of Washington Rosé of Syrah (2011): ★★★ good.

For my personal preference, this rosé is a bit more dry than I like. I do highly enjoy strawberries, but not so strongly in my wine. Nonetheless, this rosé is still a decent wine, and certainly one of the better than I’ve picked up recently. I had a rosé of Syrah by Millbrandt vineyards recently with a favorite friend, and loved it (where ever did you find that, by the way?). However, a California vineyard Rosé of Pinot Noir, was not a hit with myself.

But remember: For every palate there is a wine, and for every wine there is a palate

Photo courtesy of “me”. If you would like to pick up this wine, you may do so for about $12 from their website:

And now to get on with dinner. So until next time…. Where there is wine, there is love.


Have you tried this wine before? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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