H3 Les Chevaux Red Blend: Your Summer Red?

For whatever reason, it appears to me to have been a rather long week. I know, it’s only Monday. Maybe it’s been the overly warm weather (except today); perhaps all the projects done around the house; or maybe, and most likely, it’s my husband’s new work schedule. His company recently went through yet another restructure, and, among many things, his days off changed (from Sunday/Monday to Tuesday/Wednesday). Anyone out there familiar with The Cultural Revolution? I’m still trying to adjust, I can’t imagine how he feels. So when he came home tonight, and asked, “what are we opening tonight?” I honestly had not thought to open wine, but I was not about to argue it either. Given his terribly hectic schedule lately, I let him choose; and because it was new to me, I’ll post a blog. Yay, Wine!

Image courtesy of Columbia Crest

Columbia Crest’s H3 2009 Les Chevaux (red blend): 80% Merlot, 13% Cabernet Sauvignon, 7% Syrah. I’m a big fan of the H3 label, and I make no attempts to hide it either. I raved about their Merlot, practically wrote a love song to the 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon (all blogs available), and still am waiting to discuss the 2009 Pinot Gris (still looking….). So when my dad recently felt a desire to buy me several bottles of wine, I was excited to see the Les Chevaux red blend was in the mix. My dad loved this wine; in fact, his exact words were, “The red blend from H3? WOW!”

On the nose is a pleasant aroma of blueberries and earth. Seems nice for a summer red! I pour the bottle and on the palate is a sweet blend of candied nuts, blueberries, and licorice; dark chocolate and mocha (?) brings the flavors together into a long finish with firm, yet supple, tannins. The H3 Les Chevaux red blend is one of the most complex, deep, still balanced, blends I have ever encountered. It is sweeter than I am used to in a red, though not dessert wine sweet. Wine Spectator rated this wine 90 Points (according to My rating:

Columbia Crest H3 2009 Les Chevaux red blend: ★★★ 1∕2

I liked this blend, but it is not a personal favorite. The combination of blueberries and chocolate made for an overall “too sweet” taste for my own liking. My husband does not agree with me. Though not his favorite either, he found the “Sweetness” (he used the fingers to accentuate) to be minimal, and rather enjoyed the wine quite a bit. For any Merlot fan, I would highly recommend this wine! It is a nice wine: well-rounded, nice flavor, low acidity, good tannins. I prefer drier blends with more Cabernet.

For every palate there is a wine, for every wine there is a palate….

If you find you would like to try this wine, it can be found online at for around $15. Near a World Market store? Here in Spokane it is often available for about the same price.

Star ratings have been added into prior posts, by the way :) My first 5★: H3 Cabernet Sauvignon. After I realized I compare every cabernet to the H3, I felt it certainly warranted my highest rating: Exceptional!

Impromptu posts are exciting for me! Tune in Wednesday for the latest on Washington Wines, and until then, Happy Drinking!

Have you tried this wine before? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!


One response to “H3 Les Chevaux Red Blend: Your Summer Red?

  1. i like it. got a bottle at costco for 8.49

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