Fire up the Grill! I bring you a Tempranillo by Patit Creek Cellars!

Happy Washington Wine Wednesday, my fellow wine enthusiasts! Like many throughout the country, we here in eastern Washington are going through a bit of a heat wave… 103, anyone? Don’t believe our news reporters, they take measures from the airport, it’s never correct. It’s over 100 degrees here in north Spokane… Ugh. I’d almost kill for a refreshing Sangria about now… except the champagne just destroys me with an instant headache almost every time. But summer temps are always great for a BBQ! And we good ‘ol fashioned Americans LOVE our outdoor cook-outs! And for that, I am very happy to bring you a fine red wine that will pair perfectly with whatever your taste buds have you grillin’ up! Steak? Burgers? Chicken? Yes… I mentioned “white meat” and “red wine”… OH!!!

Tempranillo2009, Ignore the “2008”, our bottle was gone before I could get a pic; this was best I could find online

I’ve been hinting at (or just flat stating….) a Tempranillo by Patit Creek Cellars lately. I had first tried their wine at Vintage Spokane a few weeks back, and recall it being pleasant. I was, however, a couple of hours (and more wine than food) into the event. And we all know when to bust out that “perfect third bottle of wine” for any occasion (you know what I’m talking about). So, to be fair to both Patit Creek and my readers, I felt it best to report on this wine when perhaps I was a bit more clear-headed. So, on yet another scorcher of a day, my dear hubby fired up the grill for some great burgers and I chose to pop the cork on the 2009 Tempranillo by Patit Creek Cellars.

To start, I will inform you up front that this bottle of wine falls beyond my “$20 and under” price realm that I base this blog on. After all, I am a graduate student, and my husband and I, with two kids, just bought a house. But once in a while, you just have to splurge and realize there is more to life than just “getting by.” Our splurge cost us less than $30. So do not fret, should you decide to try this one yourselves….

The 2009 Tempranillo by Patit Creek Cellars is a great American wine, and perhaps meant for summer in its own way. Having just celebrated the 4th of July, and being a true Patriot to the core (Founding Fathers, 2nd Amendment, Chevrolet, and all), I feel this wine really represents America: Tempranillo is a Spanish black grape; Patit Creek was founded originally by the French under the name “Petite Creek”; and now we have a Walla Walla, Washington winery creating a great American wine. A true representation of the melting pot we really are!

On the nose is the scent of a sweet cigar (Cuban style? I don’t really know, I’ve never had one). If you prefer “sweet tobacco”, it fits too. It’s rich, it’s sweet, and it’s calling out for grilled food. Earthy, maybe a hint of cherries follow into the nose. The sip: plums, cherries, rose petals; firm tannins and a leathery spice round out the finish. Compared to other reds, this Tempranillo is much more bold and rich in flavor. If you’ve not had a Tempranillo before, you are in for a treat! Though this is only the second label I’ve had, they seem to be unlike your “typical” Bordeaux-style reds. Do not expect fruit-forward, instead, more earthy.

We enjoyed this wine with grilled burgers, and the red meat really brings out the sweet tobacco and earthy tones. On its own, this Tempranillo may be a bit too heavy; but pair it with burgers or a nice steak, you have a great wine in your presence. After the first couple of sips, all I really wanted to pair it with was some grilled jerk chicken (one of my favorite dishes, usually paired best with a sweeter white wine). I imagine a heavenly pair that could be…..

Overall, I rate this 2009 Tempranillo by Patit Creek Cellars: ★★★★ great

Should you decide to try this bottle (and I recommend you do), you can find it online at for the price of $29. I did purchase this bottle, btw… this was not a freebie, though I tried ;) Nonetheless, a great wine. And the guys there at Patit Creek are pretty swell too!

I think next week I will bring you the flagship wine of Washington state….

Have you tried this wine before? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!


3 responses to “Fire up the Grill! I bring you a Tempranillo by Patit Creek Cellars!

  1. I’m going to have to try this one again…and soon! I remember loving it, but as you said–a few hours (and several tastings) in is not the best palate for good wine. :)

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