Here’s to a Great Red! Hedges 2009 CMS Red Blend

Where in the Wine World are you Wine-ding down on this glorious Wednesday?? So many “W”s, I know; I blame it on work done lately in an elementary school. It has been a long week. But no complaining! It is Happy Hump Day, and tomorrow is the last day of school for my son. So I have plenty to be thankful for!

I bring you tonight a red blend from the Hedges Family Estates, located in the Columbia Valley: the 2009 CMS Red Blend. I feel that overall, 2009 has been a strong year for Washington wineries; the Hedges Red blend is no different! Hedges Family was present at the Vintage Spokane event, though I did not get a chance to see what else they had to offer.

I would have to say that, next to a Cabernet Sauvignon (specifically by Columbia Crest’s H3 label…see my review on it! A Gold Medal Winner!), red blends are my favorite red wine to drink. I generally find them to be more complex, offering more excitement to the palate than a single-varietal red. The CMS Red Blend 2009 is a great value wine, complex and fruit-forward, is it worth grabbing a bottle next time you are out and about!

I honestly purchased this bottle some time ago strictly for the (Costco) price when the wallet was feeling a bit tight. I had neither had, nor heard of, Hedges Family Estates. The CMS blend of Cabernet, Merlot, and Syrah (aka: CMS… clever!) was enough to entice me and overlook the (Costco) price. And who doesn’t love to try a new wine?? On the nose, CMS offers up a fruity bouquet of cranberry, sweet cherry, slightly herbaceous, with smokey/earthy tones. A rough sweetness already!

Swirl….swirl….swirl… definitely a smokey-fruity aroma.

The first sip: instantly fruit-forward with stone fruits and blueberries, sweet, but not overly sweet. I am led into an earthy-vanilla body, sending me right into a smooth, sweet-oakey, long finish. The tannins are smooth and subtle, but strong enough to give this wine the slightly heavier body. Perhaps it is the day I’ve had, maybe it’s just the quality of this wine…. but leave me and CMS alone. We don’t need any one (food) to join our party. Unless it’s chocolate. Chocolate is always welcome.

My final note on this wine: for the price tag of $14 (, you cannot go wrong with the 2009 CMS Red Blend. And in the end, I will easily rate this wine: ★★★★ Great. Definitely Great!

Now that I’ve started the star rating system, I suppose I ought to re-review the Caterina C4 Red Blend for a comparison to the CMS. I think I would give it the same 4-stars, but a second taste wouldn’t hurt….

I feel a Tempranillo coming up for review next week! SO EXCITED!

Have you tried this wine before? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!


One response to “Here’s to a Great Red! Hedges 2009 CMS Red Blend

  1. I keep seeing this in stores, but haven’t picked it up yet. I think it may be on my wine rack next time you are over. :)

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