A Fabulous 2008 Syrah by Lone Canary

Last night I had the pleasure of cracking open a Syrah to enjoy with my husband as he came home from a long day at work. I am excited to share my review with you all tonight, as it comes from my favorite local Spokane winery, Lone Canary.

Lone Canary put out its first production back in 2003, specializing in reds with cute names for their blends such as “BirdHouse Red” an “BirdWatchers Red”. The latter is a new wine, and in tasting it, it needs a bit more time to mature, but already a very promising blend that I can’t wait to try again. While located in Spokane, the fruit comes from the Yakima and Columbia Valleys (as do all the wines in the area). Lone Canary is known for their flagship wine: the Sauvignon Blanc. And while I’m not a big fan of this white varietal, I have picked up a bottle to try. I expect that review to come later in the week when the temps heat up for us again. I was first drawn to the Lone Canary label because of its label: a simple, single yellow canary on the front, artistically drawn up. An elegant and simple label always attracts me. Lone Canary takes pride in the bird, which also happens to be the state bird of Washington state; the bird even has a name: Clooney. Cute.

The 2008 Lone Canary Syrah is a deep, rich purple-red color. The bouquet was a heavenly blend of blackberries and cherries, smooth leather, hint of spice. I had a feeling this would be a good Syrah. The first sip was just as smooth as I had anticipated it would be! Earthy, stone fruits, including plum. A velvety finish brought it together very nicely. My husband detected rose petals in his glass, not something I myself was able to find. We all taste things differently.

I enjoyed the first glass with some red wine (Syrah) chicken (red wine, garlic, chili powder and brown sugar; Simple and delicious!). The next glass stood very well on its own as my husband and I sat on the front porch enjoying the night sky. I wrapped up the bottle with some chocolate ice cream. Nowhere in any of this did the Syrah do me wrong. I feel this is a pretty true test for wine. The Lone Canary Syrah makes a wonderful compliment to a meal, dessert, or even alone.

Lone Canary 2008 Syrah: ★★★★★  Excellent wine!

Well rounded, great flavor, and able to stand well with food or alone, I do recommend giving this wine a try! I picked it up from Lone Canary’s tasting room for around $16 (  I do enjoy Syrah from time to time, but this is one I will be sure to keep around often!

Now to head to my collection and see what to review for next time… Perhaps a Zinfandel? I haven’t done that yet… but until next time… Happy Drinking!

Have you tried this wine before? Please share your experiences in the comments below!


One response to “A Fabulous 2008 Syrah by Lone Canary

  1. A pleasant surprise in my new local liquor store in Seattle. I felt quite the gambler until I had my second sip and realized what a wonderful catch this little canary is.

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