Say it isn’t so! A White Wine Review??

Why yes, yes this is a white review! I did promise the next one to be a white after all, and I do try to keep my promises! However, I have been terrible in keeping up on the blog, and so for that, I apologize. I’ve been busy with painting my kitchen, and overall still getting settled into the new house. While I have continued to imbibe, it’s been all red from various regions; the weather has been so cold, rainy and blah… not really “white” weather, in my opinion. After a day of torrential downpour and rolling thunder, the clouds cleared and it warmed up nicely! And I thought, “A-ha! I need a Pinot Grigio!”

I bring to you tonight a 2010 Pinot Grigio by Hogue Cellars out of the Columbia Valley. For those of you not familiar with the Washington state region, the Columbia Valley is the region located in central Washington, before reaching the Cascade Mountain Range. There are various other regions located within the Columbia Valley, such as Red Mountain, Wahluke Slope, Horse Heaven Hills, etc. This is our driest region, and thus ideal for growing the grapes. I like visuals, so I’ve found a map for you to look at.

Wine Country: Columbia Valley

Hogue Pinot Grigio is a nice value buy at about $7-$8 in the grocery stores. The color is a nice, bright white-yellow; the bouquet is light and crisp as well with hints of melon, honeydew, pear and pineapple. Always a great combination for our upcoming summer days! On the palate is a light body of pear and orange, a hint of peach sweetens the otherwise semi-dry Pinot Grigio. Pineapple can be found on the finish, a very pleasant taste. I am enjoying this glass with a light salad of fresh veggies and shredded tuna, and it pairs very well. I would also recommend this wine with any light fish or pasta dinner, or an appetizer. However, as far as standing on its own? Ehhh… Don’t get me wrong, it is not bad. But alone, it is a bit light, and the finish doesn’t seem to linger as long as when it accompanied my dinner. Still on my first glass, I will enjoy another before I put the cap back on and call it a night.

Hogue 2010 Pinot Grigio: ★★ Ok

All in all, the Hogue Pinot Grigio is a decent white wine. It pairs very nicely with a meal, but again not the best on its own. One reader had commented in the past that he finds difficult finding a white that stands well alone, I do agree. I think a white is designed more for the light meals and appetizers. I enjoy my whites the most in the summer, and am moving toward Rosé wines (Mourvedre, Pinot Noir, and Syrah all have great Rosé wines available), especially when I just want to enjoy a light wine on a hot day. I will keep Hogue in mind next time I’m looking for a white, but I will also keep looking ;) If anyone finds the Pinot Gris by Horse Heaven Hills (H3), please let me know!!!!

I do have a Sauvignon Blanc to review a little later. I have high hopes for it! Happy Wine Down Wednesday! Until next time…

Where there is wine, there is love

Have you tried this wine before? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!


One response to “Say it isn’t so! A White Wine Review??

  1. agreed–Hogue is okay, but not one of my favorite pinot grigios.

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