A Super C4 Red Blend by Caterina Winery

Good evening, fellow wine enthusiasts! I apologize for the site being quiet for the last several days, I admit I have strayed from Washington wines a bit, and there was a birthday celebration (or two) as well. It’s been a busy week! The last time I sat down to write up a review, the wine was so terrible (fizzy.. I think it was pulled and bottled too soon?) that after just two sips, it went down the drain. The wine was a Cabernet Franc, and sadly by a local Spokane cellar. I will spare the name simply because I know the Cab Franc is no longer in production by this cellar, a good thing for us all. Still, I’ll be hesitant to grab another by them in the future. My taste buds certainly took a hit, and my desire for a wine went out as well.

My husband saves the day as only he can do :) He brings up from our “Cellar In Progress” a bottle from the local Caterina Winery, a red blend titled simply, C4 Red Blend. We had had our first taste of C4 when we attended a wine release party at Caterina a few weeks back. Caterina Winery hosts two other labels: Lone Canary and Mountain Dome, and all three are owned by a one Mr. Don Townshend of Townshend Cellars (another eastern Washington winery located just north of Spokane). I highly recommend you give the Townshend T3 Red Blend a try!

Back to Caterina’s C4 Red Blend! Hmmm… perhaps I need to review another white? Noted, and will be done. Recommendations? The C4 (non-vintage, but was told 2010) is a harmonious blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. On the nose is a bouquet of dry earth and spice, berries quietly poke through. The more time it has to breathe, however, the more you will notice, such as the cherries. On the palate, this robust wine is leathery with cherries and stone fruits; a balanced blend with soft tannins and a long finish. The wine stands very well on its own, and would be great to share with friends in either a casual or more formal setting. I like the wines that lend themselves well to a variety of environments, and the Caterina C4 is such a wine.

My rating for Caterina’s C4 Red Blend (NV): ★★★★ Great

In the end, I do recommend the Caterina C4 Red Blend! Soft yet robust and full of flavor, you cannot go wrong with this wine! I know this wine to be available for purchase only via the winery for around $15 (located in downtown Spokane, just north of Riverfront Park; check them out, it’s a great place!). While Caterina does have a website (, they don’t have online ordering available at this time, you may be able to make arrangements if you contact them? May be worth a try, and the C4 Red Blend is certainly worth it!

I promise to write up a review on a white later this week! So until then…. Happy Drinking!

Have you tried this wine before? Please share your thoughts on it in the comments below! See more wines I have recommended only my Pinterest page!


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