First Wine Review: Columbia Crest Winery Syrah

I have already found one of my favorite things about starting this blog is the new-found time spent with my husband. He too, has become a drinker of wine within the past year or so, but only recently has he really began to enjoy wine. Being that his favorite red is a syrah, I felt I would kick off my first review for him. So, tonight I bring you a 2008 Syrah by Columbia Crest Grand Estates Winery from the Columbia Valley. Should you happen to be new to the world of wine, or new to reds, this is the perfect review for you! For any one I know or meet who is just beginning to test the waters of “Red Wine”, I generally offer up a Syrah, the label depending on the personal price point.

Columbia Crest is new to me, as it may be to you. I am the type who likes to let the wine breathe for a some time (though I don’t have a decanter, a simple popping of the cork and let sit for a while will do the trick), and tonight was no different. The wine is leggy…and from what I understand, this generally hints to the alcohol content. Though this wine is only at a 13.5%, I noticed a higher acidity on the finish than I prefer (note though, my husband did not share this same experience). On the nose is a very pleasant spicy, slightly peppery, berry aroma; add in the currant and it would make a wonderful candle. The color is a deep, creamy garnet. The sip is an exciting explosion of spicy berries, just as I expected it would be, with an oaky/woody finish. However, I find this to be overshadowed almost immediately by the higher tannins for this light-medium bodied wine. The finish is short and light, yet you find yourself grabbing another sip to get that pleasant taste initially encountered. Despite these few negatives, I find the wine to still be fairly complex with the amount of flavor that can be found. Be careful :)

In the end, this Syrah is not a bad wine. I feel it would make a great everyday drinking wine; it compliments a light meal or a cheese-and-cracker snack well. For a casual dinner with friends, or for a night where you just need that glass of red to “wine” down, this is a good bottle to grab. Personally, I have other Syrahs I will stick with, and other everyday wines to keep to. With that, I have heard from others how much they like this Syrah. My husband probably summed it up best as a “great red beginner wine”. Indeed, I may recommend this to anyone who asks me where to start; or possibly bring this to a casual BBQ with friends (and keep my better reds for later).

Columbia Crest Grand Estates Syrah 2008, approx. $12.

Have you tried this wine? I would love to hear your opinions on it! Tried another WA. State wine recently you want to share? I’d love to hear about that as well! Until next week…. Happy Drinking!


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