Hello, Wine World!

Washington Wine PosterWelcome to The Washington Vine blog!  I have started this because my deep love of wine (like what many of you readers already have), has compelled me to do something with it! For all the blogs out there, I’ve yet to see one dedicated to (or even mention) Washington wines.  We have some excellent wines, and the world ought to know it! California has some amazing Pinot Noir, but I have yet to have a Cabernet that is better than what we grow here in the Evergreen State.

So about me: I’m married and have two kids, we reside in Spokane, WA.  I am a graduate student for School Psychology and a photographer on the side.  I’m not busy enough, so I’ve decided (with my husband’s encouraging) to start a wine blog!  And now here we are!

About the blog:  I recently visited my sister in San Francisco.  My only requirement: to visit the famous Napa and Sonoma regions.  I had a great time, and found some great wine.  However, this trip got me thinking that for all we know about California wine, what is out there about Washington wine? After all, Washington is the second largest exporter of American wine (behind California, if you really weren’t sure who was #1).  So, as the name would suggest, this blog will be (almost) solely on Washington wines.  I will post every Wednesday or Thursday about a Washington wine I’ve had that (Wednesday) night; good or bad, my post will be here.  As the saying goes, “For every palate there is a wine; for every wine there is a palate.”  While I may not like the wine, you might!  I love Cabernets, but understand they are an “acquired” red; I also love blends, but don’t care for Merlot.  To each their own :)

Because I am a student (wife, mother, etc.), the wines I discuss will largely range in the $10-$15 price point; a few may go higher or lower.  While budget is a great deciding factor in what I drink, I also feel there are great wines in this price range, and that too few pay attention to them in their blogging.  The notes I take and the opinions I write, are strictly that, my opinion!  I will allow and greatly appreciate comments!  Do not be harsh as such comments will not be tolerated.  If you, the reader, have had a wine I’ve discussed and have different views, share them!  And if there is a wine you think would be worth trying, I would love to hear that too!


If you’d like a start on some Washington wines worth trying, check out my Pinterest page!     I have several there that I do enjoy and recommend; though my caution for the 14 Hands Hot to Trot Red Blend, I personally really don’t like the 2010 vintage. If you can find the 2009, get that one! And then please let me know where you have found it :)  So until next time…..

Thank you for stopping by!  I look forward to starting on this blog and to what you have to share as well!  This is all for now (I have a Pinot from California calling my name…hehe! Pennywise, in case you are curious) and we will continue in just a few days for Wine Down Wednesday!

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3 responses to “Hello, Wine World!

  1. Never heard of Washington wines (probably because I’m from Italy and we don’t have many American wines here) so I’m looking forward for your reviews :)

  2. Yay for you! I’m excited to read what you think–and maybe try a few of the wines out with you. :)

  3. is my Pinterest page that can help you get started on some WA wines that are worth a taste!

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